Data-Planet Datasheets now fully Indexed within Public Documents Masterfile


Paratext­­­TM announces that an extensive collection of Data-Planet TM DataSheets is now indexed, linked, and integrated into Public Documents MasterfileTM. Researchers can now query over 150,000 metadata records representing authoritative publicly and privately sourced datasets.

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Libraries who subscribe to both services can link directly from the search results to Data-Planet’s datasheets, with a visual chart, map, or graph, accompanied by statistical abstracts, along with downloadable data-sets. Public Documents Masterfile users not subscribed to Data-Planet­­­ will still link directly to the DataSheet statistical abstract and citation.

Search within 16 broad subject areas to find highly detailed information:

Agriculture and Food                                                       Industry, Business, and Commerce

Banking                                                                                International Relations and trade

Finance and Insurance                                                    Labor and Employment

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement                    Military Defense

Education                                                                           Natural Resource and Environment

Energy Resources and Industries                               Population and Income

Government and Politics                                              Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living

Heal and Vital Statistics                                                Transportation and Traffic

Housing and Construction 

The material within Data-Planet contains 37 fields of metadata, in a controlled vocabulary, permitting statistical calculation of the data. Researchers can discover specific statistical content from the datasheet, with graphics, along with a chance to manipulate and customize data.

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